Sagas is an original pen & paper RPG in the making by author & artist Sasha K. Lynch. Set in the fantasy world of Amanah, players are introduced to a new method of gaming, one without classes or predefined roles. Following, instead, the life and decisions of a character, players grow right alongside a world ever changing by their actions. From even the humblest of beginnings, players can impact the game and leave a resounding mark throughout history and the future to come. Explore vast regions of contrasting lands, discover uncharted territories, sail the seas and pilot the skies, wage war or bring peace, experiment with magick, train in any methods of combat, invent and build your own mechanics, harvest, categorize and unlock the secrets of Amanah's natural resources, study and learn the languages of its peoples and immerse yourself in their rich and fascinating cultures, all this and more.
Sagas, a game without boundaries, your legend begins!

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